Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Pride of Tanzania

Starbucks Tanzania, a medium-bodied brew with a crisp, clean flavour and pleasing black currant and citrus notes. Grown in East Africa's fertile Rift Valley, the Tanzania bean has a distinctive flavour of both floral and citrus. The citrusy taste of this coffee gives rise to the fragrant aroma and pleasant after taste. Allow the fluid to coat the entire mouth cavity to unseal the sweetness of currant. This coffee provides a soothing sensation to your palate as you allow ample time for the fluid to flow gracefully down your throat.

Tanzania Coffee (RM6.50), Mushroom Melt (RM12.90) and Almond Biscotti (RM4.00).

Melt the cheese before it melts your heart...

Enjoy at your own leisure.


  1. Relax... and free the mind from work...i need that! today i really worked like a mad cow... non stop.. worth my 8 hours pay...

  2. Claire:

    That's why we must learn how to pamper ourselves with some luxurious treats... not every day of course. Hehe.



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