Saturday, July 30, 2011

Ah Kuang Curry Noodle @ Station Road, Taiping.

Ask any Taiping lang about this curry noodle stall which shares the same premise as the Ceylonese Association in Taiping, they can easily list out all the goodness of this curry noodle. The one thing special about this curry noodle is the creamy curry which is cooked to the right consistency to coat every strand of noodle and side dishes as you fish them out of the pool of soup. By merely opening your mouth to wolf down the noodle is not recommended here as you miss the most remarkable moment along the pathway of enjoying this heavenly bowl of noodle. By simply slurping the noodle and allow the curry to incorporate with the molecules in the atmosphere, it gives rise to the ultimate satisfaction of your taste buds when the full-bodied flavour of the curry reaches the peak of its taste. So, can you imagine how good this bowl of unpretentious noodle is?

A regular bowl of curry noodle costs RM3.00

Generously topped with big chunks of chicken and fresh chilli.

Ah Kuang Noodle Stall
19, Jalan Station (beside The Ceylonese Association)
34000 Taiping, Perak, Malaysia.

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  1. =.= OMG ! I'm not Taiping Lang anymore because I dunno this stall AT ALL . I only know the K.Sepetang Curry mee .



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