Saturday, July 16, 2011

Eggsplore an eggstraordinary tart

It's a heart-egg, nothing but a heart-egg

Tart many a glamorous look have I seen

Kneading the dough pressing into moulds

Pouring eggcellent custard the crusts be filled

Oven permits the wobbly dainties to rise

With temperate heat a golden suit it wears

With Italian Roast in the Moka pot

Vapour eggvaporates aroma eggscapes

Sniffing the scent a slurp of joy

Even so my desire eggpresses itself wildly

With all eggciting taste waiting to be shared

My tart, it’s you, may you be eggternally mine

The eggxhilarating flavour of coffee and egg tart

Memory of the tart may last when coffee's gist sustains


Tart and coffee have found their soulmates

I call out to you my tart...

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