Monday, July 18, 2011

Independence Day

Being sick for nearly 3 weeks as a result of bacterial infection. Coughing non-stop throughout nights, feeling feverish all the time and losing my voice for weeks made it so difficult for me to carry out my normal teaching duty. Could no longer stand the discomfort, I had to resort to visiting a doctor in the government clinic. Guess what? The lousy doctor ordered a TB (tuberculosis) test and sent me to the lab for the sputum test. What the hxxx??? I ignored the doctor and left the clinic without leaving any samples behind.

Today is my independence day as I have finally recovered from the persistent cough that had been tormenting me for such a long time. It's time to compensate my loss for I have been craving some hot and spicy food for ages. Let's begin with a bowl of hot hot Mee Rebus! Yippee! *grin*

Mee Rebus @ RM4.50



  1. Gosh... you want to take mc again ah? haha.. hope the jawa mee will not aggravate further to your voicebox any further... Pam, lets go sing!

  2. Claire:

    Don't worry, I won't break my good record in school for being the only teacher who has never been on sick leave before. Even the senior assistant urged me to maintain it till I get my promotion. Haha.



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